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Welcome to Graze Anatomy-Behind the Board

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Grazing has been an AMAZING ride! So, let's take it to the next level and blog about it!

Behind the Name- Every blog has to have a catchy name, and I had plenty up my sleeve. I decided to throw it out there to the AG607 followers. There were so many great ideas, but Graze Anatomy-Behind the Board was by far my fav suggestion (even better than mine)! Shout out to a fellow Cheesester, Maria M for the idea! AG took Maria and socialite Dakota Carr, owner of Corning Society, out for a cheese and beer pairing, at Liquid Shoes Brewing.

Behind the Cheese- I chose three yummy cheeses...Ubriaco al Cabernet, Brie and Manchego. Ubriaco is a fabulous hard cheese. This rich cheese is soaked in cabernet wine and grape marc. Grape marc is the solid remains after the juice has been pressed from the grape. The scent was evident when I opened the cheese! Brie...what else do I need to say? It's soft, rich & creamy texture was the middleman between the harder cheeses. Up next, Manchego! Manchego is a Spanish cheese with a buttery texture. Chutney and jams are a tasty combo with Manchego. To keep in line with my theme I selected Stonewall Kitchen's Wild Maine Blueberry Champagne Jam. So, so good all the way around.

Behind the Brew- I paired these cheeses with Liquid Shoes' Blueberry Wheat Ale. This LS brew is a blend of select grains, conditioned on loads of fresh blueberries for seven days. The flavors between cheeses complimented the beer perfectly!

Here's your AG Shopping List: Trader Joes was my go-to for all three cheeses. They have a fantastic assortment of specialty cheeses, that never dissapoint!

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